Subotai Korusu

Soburi Noburu (Noble) Samurai - Dana's Character


A young male Soburi Samurai Lord with beautifully crafted Tosei Gusoku armor bearing the code of arms of the Korusu Noble Family. A finely crafted family Katana is sheathed at the samurai’s hip also noting his noble birth from Korusu prefecture.

Subotai typically carries the Zendar’s Dimensional Chest. He also wears the Monkey Fist Knot on his Clan Korusu armor. And he has 1 Potion of Forgetfulness.


Subotai is a noble of the Korusu clan and has been trained as a samurai since birth. He carries the mighty ancestral katana wielded by Yabakugi Korusu and General Zhiajo Korusu. The blade is named after its first owner Yabakuji. Subotai has grown up in the noble court of Korusu in the capital city of Suiryoku of Korusu prefecture. Although not in direct line of ascension to lead the Clan, he is the last living descendant of General Zhiajo Korusu and as such has been entrusted with her Katana.

It is a common practice among the lesser clan nobility to travel outside of Korusu prefecture to see the world and make a mark upon it to honor their clan and their noble house. Following that tradition Subotai has been granted travel papers by Lord Korusu to allow him to travel across Soburi. To help learn what it is like to earn good coin for hard labor, Subotai signed up as a caravan guard for the Tanaka Trading company. The trade caravan is traveling down the east coast of Soburin.

Subotai Korusu

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