Master Treasure List


Current Coinage:
Subotai Korusu = 9 GP, 8 SP, 6 CP
Kataashi Kikku = 126 GP, 8 SP, 6 CP, 1 moonstone (50 GP)
Kai Winding = 43 GP, 8 SP, 6 CP, 1 moonstone (50 GP)
Wang Shu = 38 GP, 1 SP, 1 CP
Wei Tai = 119 GP, 8 SP, 6 CP, 1 moonstone (50 GP)

Current Yamabushi Incense = 325 GP worth
Current Telepathy Spores = 3 individual uses left

Contents of Zendar’s Dimensional Chest:
party coinage
the dead body of Shiatsu Koto
the dead body of Grandmaster Sho Tengu
Wei Tai’s disguises – ninja suits, farmer’s garb, Ikari Palace Guard Uniforms, Nagabuki Guard Uniforms, Gensoso White Crane Monk robes, Noble Kimonos, and merchant kimonos.

Welcome to Soburin
36 CP, 22 SP, 12 GP found on bakemono and shikome
Wang Shu spent 2 CP on Kami Shrine
Kai Winding spent 6 CP on Kami Shrine

In Search of the Bakemono Caves
9 bakemono ears and 1 shikome ear

Into the Bakemono Caves
4 Serpopard Musk Glands – 2 GP each raw or use herbalism to make 10 vials of perfume for 5 GP each – Wang Shu
5 Serpopard Claws – Kataashi Kikku making a necklace for himself
1 bakemono ear

Parlay with the Mushroom People
19 bakemono ears and 2 shikome ears
12 silver coins and 8 star rose quartz (gems worth 50 GP each)

Yorozu Oni Battle and Securing the Jade Prayer Disc
4 Shikome Ears
1,463 CP
1,574 SP
782 GP
3 Jade Necklaces (50 GP each)
2 Crystal Pendants (50 GP each)
15 Banded Agate Gems (10 GP each)
5 Bolts of printed silk (10 GP each)
HankachiWang Shu
Kimono BukuroWei Tai
Monkey Fist KnotSubotai Korusu
Potion of ClimbingKataashi Kikku
Fly Spell Scroll – Wang Shu
Dispel Magic Spell Scroll – Wang Shu
Sanctuary Spell Scroll – Kai Winding
Lesser Restoration Spell Scroll – Kai Winding
Protection from Evil/Good – Kai Winding

General Hu Ban
Paid a bounty to each character:
Bakemono = 29 (1 SP each) = 29 SP each
Shikome = 7 (1 GP each) = 7 GP

Satsuto Ikari Katana, Wakizashi, armor, and battle flag and travel papers

Subotai Korusu received loan from:
27 GP from Wang Shu – now paid back
25 GP from Kai Winding – now paid back
25 GP from Wei Tai
25 GP from Kataashi Kikku – now paid back

Subotai Korusu spent 500 GP on his Ancestral Weapon ceremony
Awakening Yabakuji

Wang Shu purchased 500 GP of Yamabushi Incense:
100 GP from Wang Shu
100 GP from Wei Tai
100 GP from Kataashi Kikku
100 GP from Kai Winding
100 GP from General Hu Ban

Kai Winding purchased 4 Potions of Healing for 200 GP total

Wang Shu purchased:
2 Potions of Healing for 50 GP total
1 Suit of Kusari Haramaki Armor for 45 GP
8 Vials of Shiranto Sap for 40 GP total

Cleansing of the Deathcap Myconids
250 GP worth of Yamabushi Incense used

5 Moonstones (worth 50 GP each) – white translucent stone with a pale blue glow – each character took one stone into their possession. The were not sold.

3 Pouches (3 uses) of Myconid Telepathy Spores for each character (each character who wishes to be included in the telepathic bond must consume a use, so for the whole party its effectively 3 uses).

Document Intrigue
Yamabushi cleansing ceremony:
Kai Winding – used 60 GP of yamabushi incense
Wei Tai – used 65 GP of yamabushi incense
Subotai Korusu received letter of introduction from Magistrate Lo Ban and Returned the 60 Ikari Spears to Torii Gate
Kataashi Kikku purchased 2 potions of healing
Wei Tai purchased 2 potions of healing
Kai Winding purchased 1 potion of healing
Wang Shu purchased 1 potion of healing, 100 GP worth of Yamabushi Incense
3 individual uses uses of telepathy spores

The Mystery of the Stolen Flesh
Used 200 GP worth of Yamabushi Incense in an attempt to cleanse Kataashi
Zendar’s Dimensional ChestSubotai Korusu
Coin of CaptureWei Tai
140 GP
35 SP
1400 CP

Oni Armor (worth 10 GP) – placed in Zendar’s Dimensional Chest
Naginata (worth 8 GP) – left behind and buried

Welcome to Nagabuki!
Each party member was paid 20 GP for work on trade caravan
Each party member paid 1 GP each to get into Nagabuki
Wang Shu paid Moshi 1 GP now and 2 GP in 5 days time
400 GP total Yamabushi incense purchased (100 Wang, 100 Kataashi, 100 Wei Tai, 100 Kai)
Subotai repaid his debts to all other characters
Used 100 GP of Yamabushi Incense to cleanse Kataashi 3 points of haitoku
Subotai sold the Oni Armor for 15 GP
Kai paid 2 GP for 1 night of wealthy inn stay
Wang Shu bought 1 book (1 GP) , 1 dagger (2gp), and 1 sling (1SP) for Moshi

Luncheon of Death
Subotai Korusu paid the cleaning bill for Hanko Mamoru’s kimono cleaning bill – 10 GP.

Everything to this point accounted for and reflected in each characters treasure at the top.

Shiatsu Kotos Demise
35 GP, 22 SP, and 15 CP were found on the persons of Shiatsu Koto and Midori Okima.
Perfume of BewitchingWang Shu
10 Potion of Forgetfulness – 8 given to sailors – 1 kept by Wei Tai and another kept by Subotai Korusu
Incriminating Documents.

Assault on Tengu Ninja Village
4 Egshell Grenades – Wei Tai

Wei Tai Wreaks Vengeance Upon The Tengu Clan
Spell Scrolls: Identify, Unseen Servant, Ice Knife, Detect Poison and Disease, Create Water, Healing Word, Speak with Dead, Magic Mouth, Lungs of Akuma, Detect Tsukumogami, and Fireball.

Map showing the secret location of a Death Crow outpost in Satsujin prefecture.
Signed contract showing a down payment of 750 GP to secure the services of the Tengu Ninja Clan and a guaranteed a payment of 5,000 GP should Lord Benton Satsujin be assassinated.

Disguise Garments: ninja suits, farmer’s garb, Ikari Palace Guard Uniforms, Nagabuki Guard Uniforms, Gensoso White Crane Monk robes, Noble Kimonos, and merchant kimonos.

Kimono of PersuasionKai Winding

Master Treasure List

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