The Mists of Akuma

For a century and a half foreigners oppressed Soburin’s peoples by way of advanced technology, subjugating the inhuman races and poisoning the Soburi relationship with the diverse cultures of the realms. Fifty years after invading, the Ceramians and Ropaeo destroyed themselves with heretical science, allowing Hitoshi’s Rebellion to restore the Masuto Dynasty to power; yet all is not well.

An ancient corrupting fog from legend called The Mists of Akuma have begun to roil across the continent, flowing over the prefectures before receding without rhyme or reason and leaving legions of monstrous warped creatures in its wake. What little peace they knew has been stripped away once more as monsters from myth reappear to savage civilization and as the fell haze grows more prominent, the lengths that people go to in order to survive only descend further and further toward depravity.

Mists of Akuma is set in a decaying world and Soburin is an exhausted continent; both the land itself and its survivors have suffered greatly for several generations and desperation grows with every season that passes. In realms that were once bound by hon- or everything has become a means to an end and few bother to justify their actions, more still hiding the evidence of their vileness and casting responsibility onto a rival; friends betray friends, parents betray children, and lovers betray one another.

Survival in the Mists of Akuma is not a goal to aspire to but a benchmark to measure upon. You will die or you will fall to corruption, it is only a question of which and when. What few victories you can claim as your own will be pyrrhic, but before your end you will mark the very world with the prowess of your deeds and forever be known as a legend in the dying lands of Soburin.

Mists of Akuma

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